Binghamton Employment Attorney

No matter where you work in New York, you have certain rights as an employee, regardless of powerful employers. Both federal and state labor laws protect workers in small businesses and large corporations alike. New York’s Division of Labor Standards ensures that every employee enjoys a fair day’s pay for their workday. When an employer violates your rights under these acts, whether accidentally or intentionally, you’re entitled to compensation. A skilled, client-based attorney like those at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, can help you to recover the economic losses you might have suffered due to unfair and illegal violations of the protections provided to every employee under the law.

If you believe your employer is in violation of employment law contact our skilled attorneys in Binghamton, who have decades of combined experience, and are ready to stand by your side to fight aggressively for your rights.

Common Labor Law Violations in New York

Federal and state labor laws have many complexities that a skilled attorney can help navigate in order to achieve the best possible outcome for any labor law claim against an employer. Some common violations found in New York and elsewhere include the following:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Discrimination, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment, and sexual harrasment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Bonus disputes
  • Workplace retaliation
  • Tip pooling violations

Workplace disputes are frustrating and the typical power imbalance between employers and their workers may cause you to feel that you lack the resources to fight for your rights under the employment laws. An experienced team of attorneys with a reputation for success in New York State can help you file a claim and fight aggressively on your behalf throughout the entire process, whether settled out of court or through litigation. Our experienced, diligent legal team can also represent you in workplace negotiations, including severance packages and contractual claims.

Class-Action Law Suits

Employment law not only applies to individual cases but sometimes involves groups of employees whose rights were violated. These class action lawsuits require a specific process beginning when one employee brings forward a claim against a company on behalf of other workers who have experienced the same violation under that employer. Seeking damages in a class action lawsuit streamlines the process into a single case rather than filing many identical claims and litigating the same case over and over.

Our firm represents clients in both individual and class-action lawsuits.

Why Choose Gattuso & Ciotoli For Your Employment Law Claim

When an employer has violated your rights under the Civil Rights Act or state labor laws, it takes a financial and emotional toll on you and your family. That’s why you are entitled to compensation and damages without fear of workplace retaliation — which in itself is a violation of employment law. When you’re faced with any workplace violation of your rights it’s important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible; first for an upfront assessment of your case and discussion of your options, and then for representation in addressing your rights and seeking compensation.

The Law Firm of Gattuso & Ciotoli has over five decades of combined legal experience in New York employment law in Binghamton and throughout all of Central New York. We believe you deserve dedicated representation if your rights were violated by an employer. We work on a contingency fee basis so we only collect fees if our team secures a settlement or verdict on your behalf.