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What Are New York’s Seat Belt Laws?

Personal Injury News | April 30, 2023

What Are New York’s Seat Belt Laws? Your chances of surviving a severe crash and having fewer injuries are much greater when you decide to use your seatbelt. Seatbelts make driving on the road so much safer that, in fact, every state has strict laws requiring seatbelt usage. The state of New York has some…

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What You Need To Prove Negligence In Nursing Homes

Personal Injury News | March 31, 2023

Negligence is a complex area of law that can be hard to prove. As much of what happens occurs behind closed doors, families can feel lost and pessimistic about uncovering the truth of neglect that has been experienced by their elderly family members. Luckily, with the help of a Syracuse nursing home negligence attorney from…

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How To Avoid Teen Car Crashes

Accident News | March 5, 2023

Teen car accidents are much more common than many people realize. Motor vehicle crashes were even the leading cause of death for teens aged 13-19 in 2020. With such a large number of teenagers falling victim to car accidents, it is crucial that teens and parents alike take further precautions to avoid such an occurrence…

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Common Questions About Wrongful Death Cases

Personal Injury News | February 15, 2023

Wrongful death is defined as a death resulting from someone else’s negligence or misconduct. At times, the case will have gone before a criminal court as well. The evidence used in that trial is typically used in a civil trial as well, though a civil case does not require the stringent burden of proof that…

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