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What Is a Severance Package?

Employment Law News | May 3, 2022

After you have been laid off or fired from a job, you may wonder about your finances. Without a regular wage, it can be difficult to pay bills, buy food, or make rent. However, many New York employers offer severance packages to ease this financial burden. Severance packages provide some compensation and benefits usually equal…

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What Happens If a Concussion Is Untreated?

Personal Injury News | May 2, 2022

A concussion is a very common type of traumatic brain injury. Often caused by a bump or jolt to the head, this injury can significantly impact your brain function without prompt treatment. An untreated concussion can result in serious, life-impacting complications, which are sometimes even fatal. If you experience any type of head injury, it…

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Ways to Prove Negligence

Personal Injury News | February 28, 2022

Many personal injury lawsuits rely on the presence of negligence, or a party’s failure to uphold a certain duty of care. While the concept of negligence may seem simple, it can be difficult to establish the defendant’s liability without strong evidence.  Understanding how to prove negligence—and seeking the help of a New York personal injury…

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New York Child Car Safety Laws

Personal Injury News | January 31, 2022

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death among children in the United States. To keep young people safe, parents and guardians must place their children in an appropriate safety or booster seat while a vehicle is in motion.  New York imposes strict laws on the use of car seats for children…

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What Are Your Employment Rights as Someone with A Disability?

Personal Injury News | January 4, 2022

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), it is highly illegal for an employer to discriminate against employees who have disabilities. New York human rights laws provide additional protections for these employees.  However, New York employers still commit discriminatory acts while making critical employment decisions, such as hiring, firing, and promoting. If you…

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