Year: 2019

Study Proposes Solution to Parent Medication Errors

Personal Injury News | December 13, 2019

Anyone who is a parent knows how scary it can be when their child needs to be taken to the emergency room. Unfortunately, one of the factors contributing to emergency room visits for children involves medication errors by parents and doctors. No parent wants to be faced with a situation like this. The good news…

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What Does the FDA Do When Approving Medical Devices?

Personal Injury News | December 12, 2019

Many people believe that any kind of medical device used on them in hospitals, clinics, or emergency rooms have been thoroughly tested and approved by the FDA. However, recent discoveries have shown that not all medical devices are rigorously tested. Some doctors are completely unaware of whether the medical device they are using is effective…

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When Prescribed Medications for Injuries Become Dangerous

Personal Injury News | December 11, 2019

Doctors prescribe medications every day for various ailments like allergies, illnesses, and chronic medical conditions. However, one prescription medication remains one of the most dangerous types to this day. Opioids are prescribed for pain after surgeries, serious injuries, or chronic pain that does not seem to go away. This type of medication works, but some…

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How Can Expert Witnesses Help My New York Car Accident Claim?

Personal Injury News | December 10, 2019

What do you picture when someone says the word “witness”? If you are anything like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is probably someone sharing an eyewitness testimony. But did you know that expert witnesses are also often called to take the stand? Especially in auto accident claims with contentions around liability, an…

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