Year: 2022

Is Drinking And Driving More Common Over Christmas?

Employment Law News | November 10, 2022

New York drunk driving attorneys from Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, and other firms around the country have noticed a peculiar trend pertaining to the number of drinking and driving cases they handle. Certain holidays seem to have an uptick of cases involving the unlawful operation of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other…

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What Constitutes As Neglect In Nursing Home Case in New York?

Personal Injury News | November 5, 2022

Different states have different standards as to what they consider “neglect” in nursing homes. The unique situation of nursing home residents who are mostly or completely dependent on caretakers, surrounded by hundreds of residents in the same situation, constitutes a unique set of circumstances for neglect. Enlist the help of a New York nursing home…

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How to File a Sexual Harassment Claim

Employment Law News | October 10, 2022

Sexual harassment occurs at a shockingly high rate in the United States, impacting thousands of people. Unwanted sexual advances, sexual comments, inappropriate touching, and more can make a workplace environment extremely uncomfortable and hostile, making it difficult for employees to perform their jobs. In New York, sexual harassment is illegal. If you are experiencing unwanted…

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Lunch and Break Laws In New York

Employment Law News | September 21, 2022

A hungry, tired employee rarely performs his or her best work. To help employees remain productive and pleasant, employers typically provide breaks throughout the day for workers to eat meals and recharge themselves. Although these breaks are common, you may be surprised to learn that federal laws do not require employers to offer any rest…

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