Year: 2023

How to File a Discrimination Claim in New York

Employment Law News | December 30, 2023

New York employees have recourse against discrimination in the workplace. Taking action may feel like an overwhelming step, but there are options. It is the right of every New Yorker to work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment. The first step is identifying the act negatively impacting you. Trusted support is available when…

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How To Identify And Address Workplace Discrimination

Personal Injury News | December 20, 2023

New York workers are entitled to a work environment free from discrimination. It is illegal for employees to be treated unequally based on certain personal choices or characteristics. Any actions against you in the workplace that are discriminatory or harassing should be addressed with a New York workplace discrimination attorney to protect your rights. Identifying…

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What To Do If You Have A Headache After A Car Accident

Personal Injury News | November 15, 2023

It is common to experience aches, pain, and stiffness after a car accident. The body has been through a traumatic experience. But headaches that result from a car accident can be a sign of significant injury, mainly when the pain is out of the normal range of an average headache or tends to intensify. Knowing…

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