Year: 2024

Common Ways Employers Violate Overtime Laws in New York

Employment Law News | April 29, 2024

As an employee, you are part of a system that makes a profit for someone, and you deserve fair and legal compensation. New York has laws to protect its workers and their rights to overtime pay. Despite these laws, many employers still find it appropriate to violate the protections and underpay their employees who are…

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How to Tell If I’m Entitled to Overtime Pay in New York

Employment Law News | April 15, 2024

Labor laws have dramatically changed in recent years, including those that manage overtime pay. You may be unsure if you qualify in your current position or what criteria you must meet to be eligible for overtime pay in New York. Understanding your rights makes you better equipped to advocate for yourself. However, suppose you feel…

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Understanding Direct Vs. Indirect Workplace Discrimination 

Personal Injury News | March 23, 2024

Discrimination in the workplace in New York may take various forms and occur for different reasons. No matter how someone experiences discrimination in the workplace, it is prohibited. Identifying discriminatory practices in the workplace and taking action under New York employment law will lead to better protection from prohibited behaviors in the workplace. New York…

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