Albany Sexual Harassment Attorney

As an employee anywhere in the state of New York, you have the right to feel at ease in the workplace and free from all types of harassment. While some employment law violations may be legally complex, sexual harassment is typically easy for victims to identify because it causes extreme discomfort. Unwanted advances, lewd comments, and unwelcome physical touching in the workplace are among the most egregious violations of federal and state employment laws and standards. In some cases, a work environment can become intolerable when a victim of harassment feels pursued, belittled, and objectified because of unwelcome behaviors on the part of one or more employers, managers, or co-workers.

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work, it’s time to take a stand and fight not only for your right to a fair and comfortable work environment but also for compensation and damages for your experience. The Albany hostile work environment lawyers at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, have nearly 5 decades of experience defending victims of sexual harassment in the workplace in Albany and other locations in Central New York.

What Constitutes a Legal Claim of Sexual Harassment at Work?

While sometimes sexual harassment goes as far as physical advances and assault, harassment doesn’t always have to include physicality in order to cause an unsafe and uncomfortable work environment. Other forms of sexual harassment include:

  • Unwelcome romantic or sexual advances whether physical or verbal
  • Inappropriate comments about your physical appearance
  • Lewd or suggestive emails, texts, messages, or notes from an employer, manager, or co-worker
  • “Dirty” jokes or jokes full of sexual innuendo
  • Unwanted questions about your sexuality, sexual history, sex life, or sexual orientation
  • Groping, even if passed off as accidental

At Gattuso & Ciotoli, we will aggressively defend your right to enjoy a safe, comfortable work environment without fear of unwanted advances, harassment, intimidation, or retaliation. When an employer uses their power to intimidate an employee in a sexual way it’s not only deeply unethical and repugnant, it is also unlawful. It’s also illegal for an employer to allow a coworker to sexually harass you. You deserve justice through monetary compensation if you’ve been victimized in this way at work.

Why Choose Gattuso & Ciotoli to Handle Your Sexual Harassment Claim?

Workplace harassment takes a toll not only on your finances and career advancement goals but also on your mental health and emotional well-being. Our law firm is passionate about ensuring a safe work environment, free of harassment, in Albany and throughout New York. If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, we are ready to stand by your side and demand financial compensation for your distressful experience. Our decades-long reputation for successfully representing our clients in employment law claims, such as sexual harassment, means a greater likelihood of a successful settlement or verdict in your case. Contact us today to discuss your situation so our legal team can decide on the best way to proceed with your claim. With our contingency-based fee policy, we won’t collect until you’ve won compensation for your claim. We want to help you achieve the justice you deserve.