Rochester Sexual Harassment Lawyer

While it may be difficult to determine if you’re the victim of some forms of employment law violations, there is rarely any doubt when you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. Nothing is as uncomfortable as feeling pursued, belittled, or retaliated against at work due to unwelcome and inappropriate conduct on the part of a manager or co-worker. Sexual harassment causes a hostile work environment, and all forms of sexual harassment are unlawful under the New York State Human Rights Law as well as federal laws like the Federal Fair Employment Law. While federal law requires harassment to be severe and pervasive to be actionable, New York Law makes no such demands. If you’ve been made uncomfortable in the workplace due to any form of sexual harassment you may have a legal claim.
When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, victims have a right to have their voices heard and gain fair compensation for damages. That’s why the skilled legal team at Gattuso & Ciotili, PLLC, in Rochester represents victims of sexual harassment throughout New York with a strong record of success for our clients.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Enduring sexual harassment in the workplace is not only distasteful and uncomfortable, but it may also impede your opportunities for advancement in your career. All forms of sexual harassment are unlawful, even when they don’t involve physical contact. Some legally recognized forms of sexual harassment include:

  • Inappropriate sexual advances, including gestures
  • Suggestive notes, emails, messages, or texts
  • Lewd or sexist jokes
  • Sexual imagery, centerfolds, or suggestive posters or calendars in the workplace
  • Exchanging pornography, vulgar gifs, or pictures with co-workers
  • Unwanted comments about physical appearance
  • Inappropriate questions about sexual orientation, sex life, or sexual history

Even a single instance of the above inappropriate actions may constitute sexual harassment.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in the workplace and free to pursue their career goals without enduring harassment or fearing retaliation for turning down unwanted advances. Despite the legal requirements for a safe workplace, some employers fail to secure a safe working environment that’s free from sexual harassment for their employees. When this is the case, it may impede your career and cause economic damages.

The lawyers at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, can help you to recover monetary damages if your employer was aware of the harassment in your workplace and failed to correct it. Under New York law, business owners, managers, and supervisors are individually liable if they condone, create, or contribute to a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment.

Damages for Sexual Harassment Claims

Because sexual harassment at work can have a serious negative impact on your career, as well as your emotional well-being, you are entitled to monetary damages. Because New York’s anti-harassment laws are among the country’s strongest, there are no statutory limits set on punitive damages. There’s also an easier burden of proof, and up to 3 years allowed to file a claim. Your honest testimony alone may be enough for settlements to recover financial losses. If you’ve had to seek medical or mental health help due to distress in the workplace caused by sexual harassment, the court may award reimbursement for medical expenses and monetary compensation for your emotional distress.

Why Choose Us to Represent You in Your Sexual Harassment Claim?

The attorneys at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, provide diligent, personalized attention to every client with a compassionate understanding of the emotional distress caused to you by an experience of sexual harassment in the workplace. With over 50 years of combined successful experience with New York employment law, the attorneys at our Rochester firm are ready to fight aggressively for your rights and help you to receive the compensation you deserve.