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When you go to work each day, you do so to support yourself and your family members. You should never have to put up with sexual harassment on the job. This creates a hostile work environment and can have long term psychological and emotional repercussions on victims. At Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, we are here when you need a Syracuse sexual harassment attorney. Let us investigate your case and work to secure compensation and justice for what happened to you.

Let Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC Help With Your Case

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to turn to a compassionate and experienced Syracuse employment attorney. At Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, we are ready to get to work on your case today.

  • We focus on building a personal relationship with our clients so that we can get to know your goals and needs during this challenging situation.
  • We have more than 50 years of combined legal experience, which has given us a thorough understanding of how employers and their legal teams respond in these situations.
  • We take Syracuse sexual harassment cases on a contingency fee basis, which means our clients pay no legal fees until after we secure the compensation they need.

What Will A Syracuse Sexual Harassment Attorney Do To Help?

Unfortunately, those who experience sexual harassment in the workplace often lack the financial resources necessary to conduct a full investigation into the allegations. However, a Syracuse sexual harassment lawyer will be able to obtain all evidence necessary to show that sexual harassment occurred and/or was ignored by an employer.

An attorney will work diligently with all parties involved to reach a successful and satisfactory resolution for the victim of sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In the #MeToo era, more and more people are aware the sexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace. There are various ways that this harassment shows up on the job, including the following:

  • Physical sexual harassment, including unwanted touching, kissing, hugging, massaging, and more.
  • Verbal sexual harassment, which can include comments that are derogatory or demeaning.
  • Non-verbal sexual harassment, which can include tactics designed to intimidate a person, such as making sexual gestures, staring at a person, winking at a person, and more.
  • Requests or threats of a sexual nature, including asking for sexual favors in exchange for benefits, raises, more promotions.

Unfortunately, reporting sexual harassment in the workplace can often lead to retaliation from coworkers or supervisors. Retaliation in these situations is illegal, but often results in:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Pay cuts or a reduction in hours
  • Job reassignments
  • Receiving new or additional duties
  • Demotions
  • Being forced to take unpaid leave
  • Losing out on training opportunities
  • Not being promoted

How Much Compensation Is Available?

If you or somebody you love has been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may be entitled to significant compensation. At Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC, we understand how detrimental this type of workplace behavior is, and we will work to secure the compensation you deserve. This can include:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Reinstatement to your job if necessary
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Compensation for any needed counseling
  • Punitive damages against those responsible

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