Syracuse Workplace Injury Lawyer

Many Syracuse workers are injured in workplace accidents each year. These incidents can result in serious financial hardship, long periods of time away from work, and extensive pain and suffering.

If you are injured at work in Syracuse, you may be eligible for financial compensation. In these situations, the lawyers at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC can represent your claim. Our Syracuse workplace injury attorneys will fight for your right to maximum recovery.

Why Choose Us for Your Workplace Injury Claim

  • We have over 50 years of combined legal experience and have represented injured employees in workers’ compensation claims, personal injury lawsuits, class actions, and more.
  • Our attorneys are dedicated to securing maximum results for each of our clients. Over our years of operation, we have recovered millions of dollars in successful settlements and jury verdicts.
  • We have spent years developing valuable relationships with lawyers and judges across Central New York. We will leverage our resources and knowledge to craft a compelling case in your favor.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in New York

In New York, most employers must provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees. If you are injured in a work-related accident, you could file an insurance claim and recover benefits for medical expenses, a certain amount of lost wages, and long-term disability, if applicable.

You have the right to recover benefits through a workers’ compensation claim as long as the injury occurred at work and your employer provides this coverage. These benefits are paid regardless of fault or negligence.

Can You File a Lawsuit After a Workplace Injury?

If your employer provides workers’ compensation benefits, you are not able to file a lawsuit against the company or any of your co-workers. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule.

You may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer if your case involves any of the following circumstances.

  • Your employer does not provide adequate workers’ compensation insurance despite being required to by New York law.
  • Your employer intentionally caused your injury and acted with the express intent to harm you. Keep in mind that negligence is not valid grounds to file a lawsuit against an employer in New York.

You could also pursue a lawsuit if your injury occurred due to the actions of a negligent third party. For example, if you are injured by a piece of defective machinery, you could file a premises liability claim against the machinery’s manufacturer. If a contractor negligently drops a heavy object and harms you, you could pursue a lawsuit against him or her.

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If you plan on pursuing a workplace injury claim, you need a Syracuse personal injury lawyer on your side who can advocate for your best interests. It can be difficult to know what to do after an accident, but your lawyer can guide you through each stage of the process and help you prepare for each step.

In these situations, trust the lawyers at Gattuso & Ciotoli, PLLC. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you obtain a fair outcome and secure the benefits or settlement that you deserve.

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