Handling Nursing Home Slip and Fall Injuries

Personal Injury News | October 25, 2019

As people grow older, accidental falls are more likely to happen and are more likely to lead to serious injuries. Some injuries can exacerbate or lead to other medical complications. Knowing what caused the fall is often important because depending on the cause, you or your loved one could be eligible for compensation. Contact a New York Nursing Home Negligence Attorney if you suspect the fall was caused by neglect, improper warning signs, or nursing home abuse 

Prevalence of Nursing Home Falls 

Over 50 percent of the elderly who live in nursing homes slip and fall each year compared to only 30 percent who fall in the community. Most falls in the elderly lead to serious injuries. As many as 20 percent of falls require Handling Nursing Home Slip and Fall Injuriesmedical treatment and 5 percent result in injuries ranging from broken bones to head trauma. These falls are considered the fifth leading cause of death in the elderly.  

Some falls are caused by natural degeneration during aging. Musculoskeletal problems, medications, and neurological diseases have all been known to play a strong role in accidental falls. Walking becomes difficult in older age groups along with maintaining balance and fine motor skills. Slowed reaction times can prevent the person from catching themselves last minute before hitting the ground.  

Due to advanced age, the body is not as strong anymore and is more prone to damage upon minor impact. A simple fall to the floor can cause significantly more bodily damage to an older person than a younger person. This is why all falls amongst the elderly should be taken seriously and handled with care.  

Slip and Fall Injuries in the Elderly 

Around 3 million people in the older age groups check into the emergency room after sustaining a fall-related injury. 800,000 are hospitalized for serious fall-related injuries.  

Common injuries from these falls include bone fractures, head trauma, neck injuries, and soft tissue damage. Sone of the most common bone fractures involve damage to the hip, wrist, arm, ankle, skull, and spine. Skull fractures and strong impacts to the head can cause head trauma, which can lead to cognitive impairments. In some cases of head trauma, dementia or delirium may be exacerbated.  

Neck injuries can lead to chronic pain and spine injuries may cause paralysis if the spinal cord suffers damage. Soft tissue injuries involve tears to tendons, ligaments, and muscles, which can restrict mobility.  

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer in New York  

Recovering from a fall injury as an older person can take considerable time and effort. Depending on the injury, some people may experience pain and suffering. No one should have to go through this without fair compensation for their troubles. Consider hiring a Watertown Personal Injury Lawyer if you suffered significant injuries at the hands of negligent nursing home staff. 

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