How to Help Your Lawyer with Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury News | November 30, 2020

Personal injury lawsuits can be very complex, and many mistakes can prevent you from seeking full and fair compensation. When filing a personal injury claim, take these steps to help your attorney achieve the results you need.

Don’t Talk About Your Case with Anyone but Your Attorney

You should never speak to anyone except your attorney about your case and your injuries. Your spouse is an exception to this rule, but you should not discuss the details of your case with friends, coworkers, and even other family members.

This is because any person you speak to can face a subpoena from the at-fault party’s attorney and may need to testify against you in the courtroom. In addition, the insurance company could obtain this information and use your conversations as evidence to deny your claim. To stay safe, avoid speaking to anyone outside of your attorney and your spouse until your case reaches a conclusion.

Take Photos of the Scene and Your Injuries

Photographic evidence is vital to personal injury claims. To secure compensation, you need to prove that the car accident occurred and that you suffered injuries, and photographs can support your claims. Your Syracuse car accident lawyer can also supply this information to accident reconstructionists who can provide valuable testimony on your behalf.

After the accident, take photos of the area around the scene, any property damage you sustained, and your bodily injuries. As your injuries heal over time, take periodic photographs to document their progress and establish your right to damages.

Go to All Medical Appointments

Failure to attend medical appointments can harm your credibility. Insurance companies can use a lack of attendance or failure to follow instructions from your doctor as evidence against you. These companies can claim that your injuries are not as serious as you claim them to be, or that you are not doing everything you can to recover.

Failure to attend medical appointments can lead to a lower settlement. For best results, attend all medical appointments and follow every direction your doctor provides to you. Save all documentation from these visits for use in your future claim.

Keep a Written Record of What Happened

It can be easy to forget the details of your accident, but providing inconsistent statements can harm your credibility. After the accident, write down what happened in as many details as you can remember. As you progress in your recovery, keep a written journal that details your medical treatment, your physical and emotional injuries, and case developments to keep track of everything that has happened so far.

Avoid Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

Inappropriate social media behavior can harm your claim, and insurance companies can use your posts as evidence against you. For example, if you suffer a broken leg and then post a photo at the beach, the company could claim that your injuries are not as serious as you claim based on these pictures. While your case is active, keep your social media activity to a bare minimum and avoid talking about your injuries online.

Respond to Your Lawyer Promptly

If your attorney asks for information or for an appointment, respond to him or her as soon as possible. This will ensure that he or she can handle your case in a timely manner, allowing you to seek compensation faster and more efficiently.

Hiring a Syracuse personal injury attorney is an important step in your recovery. Your lawyer will know the intricacies of the New York civil court system and can guide you through the litigation process to achieve fair compensation on your behalf. Contact your personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident to discuss your legal options.