Main Causes of Distracted Driving Car Accidents

Personal Injury News | November 26, 2019

Distracted driving behaviors have increased over the past few years because of newer technologies and forms of entertainment. The majority of distracted driving involves the use of electronic devices like cell phones, but there are other ways a person can become distracted while driving. Eating, talking with multiple people at once, and a behavior as simple as trying to pick up something off the floor are some examples of distracted driving. If you suffered injuries after a distracted driving accident caused by another driver, try talking to a Central New York Personal Injury Attorney.  

Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents 

Many of the types of distracted driving can be broken down into three basic categories: Visual distractions, cognitive distractions, and Manual distractions.

  • Visual distractions take eyes off the road. Common examples are texting, using a phone app, changing GPS settings, Main Causes of Distracted Driving Car Accidentsmessing with the radio or air conditioner at the wrong time, and trying to find something on the floor. Having a passenger with you can help you avoid an accident, but if you are alone, pulling over can work just as well. 
  • Cognitive distractions take attention and focus away from driving. Driving is a complex multi-tasking process that can easily be taken for granted. It only takes one misperception to lead to an accident. Some examples of cognitive distractions include talking or arguing with passengers, excessive road rage, or being under the influence. Drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications can make driving dangerous depending on the dosage and side effects.  
  • Manual distractions remove one or both your hands from the wheel. Common examples are eating, trying to pick up something off the floor, sifting through a wallet or purse, and other hands-on activities.  

How Distracted Driving Causes Accidents 

In 2015, there were 3,477 distracted driving deaths and 391,000 distracted driving injuries. States have responded to these increasing numbers by implementing distracted driving laws that make using a cell phone or related electronic device while driving a penalty. Some states will ticket drivers for these behaviors. 

The reason distractions cause so many driving accidents is because the brain can only focus on so many things at once. Since driving requires a lot of attention to constantly adapt to changing road conditions, one moment away from the road can be all it takes for a serious accident. It often only takes 5 seconds of looking away from the road to miss something important.   

Personal Injury Lawyer in New York 

Paying for damages after a car accident yourself can be extremely expensive. This is why many people file a claim with insurance companies after a car accident. However, if an insurance company denies or delays your personal injury claim, talking to a Cortland Car Accidents Lawyer can increase your chances of receiving the compensation you need to recover.  

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