Types of Injuries from Rear-End Car Accidents

Personal Injury News | April 11, 2019

After being involved in a rear-end car accidents, it is common to endure one of the many different types of head, back, and limb injuries. While many rear-end collisions are not serious, some can still cause injuries that can take months to fully recover from.  A longer recovery time means you may have to miss work and lose wages. However, you may not have to face expensive medical bills on top of lost wages if you talk to a Central New York Car Accidents Lawyer.

Common Head and Back Injuries

Types of Injuries from Rear-End Car AccidentsThe difference between rear-end collisions and other car accidents is that many rear-end car accidents do not trigger the airbags. A certain speed limit has to be reached to deliver the amount of impact needed to set off the airbag sensor. This prevents airbags from going off for minor bumps. However, this also increases your chances of receiving a facial fracture after hitting head first into the hard steering wheel.

You might experience a traumatic head injury (TBI) if the impact is strong enough. TBIs range from mild to severe, but severe cases of this injury can leave some people in a wheelchair for life. Spinal cord injuries can lead to the same outcome and are also caused by a blunt force to the body.

Some people come out of a wreck with painful back sprains and strains. A sprain is when the ligaments are damaged, while a strain involves muscle or tendon damage. This leads to pain, swelling, and lack of mobility in the affected areas.

Limb Injuries

Your head is not the only body part at risk when an airbag fails to deploy. Most people push up their arms and hands instinctively during a car accident to brace for impact. Bones can easily be broken if the force against the steering wheel or dashboard is strong enough. There are five main types of bone fractures to be aware of.

Stable fractures are bones that are directly broken in a straight line. Open compound fractures push the bone through the skin and must be stabilized to stop the bleeding. Transverse fractures are horizontal, while oblique fractures are at an angle. Finally, comminuted fractures are when bones are shattered into three or more pieces. Comminuted fractures are the most difficult to treat and usually require surgery, metal rods, and screws to put the bones back together.

New York Malpractice Attorney

Rear-end car accidents can happen suddenly and without warning. If the car accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, you may not have to struggle to pay off your medical bills. Sit down with a Watertown Personal Injury Attorney so they can help you organize what you will need to convince the insurance company to give you fair compensation.

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