What Are Some of the Delayed Symptoms of Injury Following a Car Accident?

Personal Injury News | May 6, 2019

The full aftermath of a car accident isn’t always immediately evident. Everybody reacts differently to an accident, and sometimes, the emotional shock that follows makes it hard for individuals to fully realize the injuries they have sustained. Furthermore, there are many minor symptoms that may be indicative of a greater problem.

Seeking Medical Attention

What Are Some of the Delayed Symptoms of Injury Following a Car Accident?Since many serious injuries can go by unnoticed until it’s too late, it is vitally important for any individuals involved in a vehicle accident to seek out medical attention immediately. If you have recently been in an automobile accident, let your medical professional know if you have been experiencing these common warning signs of trouble.

  • Back pain Back pain after an accident may be a result of injury to the muscles, ligaments, or nerves in the back. It may even be indicative of damage to the vertebrae.
  • Headaches It is not uncommon for headaches to develop several days after a car accident. These headaches may be symptoms of a larger issue, such as an injury to the neck, a serious concussion, or even a blood clot in the brain.
  • Numbness Many people experience a loss of feeling in their hands and arms after a car crash. This is often a sign of whiplash or whiplash-associated disorders, as damage to the neck or spinal column can lead to a lack of physical sensation.
  • Neck or shoulder pain or stiffness Discomfort in the neck or shoulder area is another telltale sign of whiplash, one of the most common car crash injuries. It is vitally important to see a medical professional if you are experiencing this type of pain, as proper diagnosis may require X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs.
  • Abdominal pain or swelling This seemingly minor pain can often be indicative of a serious issue: internal bleeding. Other telling signs include dizziness, fainting, and deep purple bruising. Although internal bleeding can go undetected for days, it can grow into a life-threatening issue.
  • Changes in personality or physical function This is an oft-overlooked sign of concussion-related traumatic brain injury (TBI). Problems with thinking, memory, movement, visions, or hearing are common symptoms of TBI, as are personality changes and depression.
  • PTSD Many people experience acute emotional distress after an accident. Victims may have vivid, disturbing nightmares or flashbacks of the event. They may feel unable to shake the memory of the event. Children are at particular risk for PTSD because of their young age.

New York Personal Injury Lawyer

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